The Wilton Police have a little more divine protection, thanks to members of the Wilton Hindu community. Over the weekend, several families celebrated the traditional Hindu holiday of Rakṣhā Bandhana with an offering to members of the Wilton Police Department.

The holiday of Rakṣhā Bandhana (pronounced ruck-SHAH bund-HUN) is loosely translated as “Protection Connection,” and it reaffirms the relationship between sisters and brothers, explains Wilton resident Sarvesh Damle. “The sister ties a string known as a Rākhī (pronounced rah-Khee) around her brother’s wrist as a symbol of her love.  Not only does the brother promise to protect his sister, but the sister’s Rākhī also protects the brother from life’s adversities.”

On Saturday, Sept. 7, several families celebrated the holiday with a ceremony strengthening their relationship with local law enforcement, organized by a national, charitable organization named Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh USA, Inc.  (“HSS” or the Hindu Service Society).

Through its nearly 150 branches nationwide (including one in Wilton/Darien), “HSS has celebrated this holiday since 2004 as ‘Universal Oneness Day,’ broadening its scope from the family to the community with the simple idea that we should all love and protect each other. We have met with civic leaders and public safety officers throughout the country and offered them the Protection Connection by tying Rākhīs on them,” says Damle.

Outreach programs like Saturday’s Rakṣhā Bandhana help HSS to introduce Hindu values and customs to neighbors from other faith traditions.