Voting on Wilton’s FY-2017 Budget continues Saturday, May 7, from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. at the Clune Center Auditorium (395 Danbury Rd./Rt. 7 at Wilton High School).

Wilton is voting on the question of whether or not to approve the proposed town budget of $125,488,107 (including a Bd. of Selectmen operating request of $31,015,191 and a Bd. of Education operating request of $80,572,640).

Voters have three options on the question of approval:  ‘yes’; ‘no, too high’; or ‘no, too low.’

The Town Charter sets a minimum threshold of 15-percent of eligible voters for voter turnout. If less than 15-percent turns out to vote, the budget will automatically pass, no matter the actual vote. That means if less than 15-percent of eligible voters turns out, but the majority do NOT approve of the budget, it will still pass.

There were 177 votes cast on Tuesday evening, following the Annual Town Meeting. In order to reach a 15% threshold, at least 1,745 total voters must cast ballots—as of Wednesday, May 4, when the official count was 11,633 registered voters on the official voter list held by the registrars of voters. According to the registrars, that number does change daily, and the final number required to hit 15-percent will be calculated at the end of today, Friday, May 6, before the registrars head to the Clune Center to set up for Saturday voting.

Voting on the two bonding questions require no minimum turnout; they pass or don’t pass based on simple majority of the number of people who vote, regardless of the turnout.

GOOD Morning Wilton will bring you the results of the vote as soon as they are tabulated following the close of polls on Saturday.