During last night’s Board of Education meeting, Superintendent Kevin Smith presented some statistics to the board which illustrated significant increases in the use of digital technology and resources by Wilton’s students.

Fran Kompar, the district’s technology director, worked with Library Learning Commons teachers to put together an infographic (below) that Smith shared to illustrate the growth in the ways students are using online tools. Smith said the usage fits in with the part of the district’s mission “to engage students in digital communication, digital collaboration and creative problem solving.”

According to the numbers Smith presented, on average:

  • students are creating or editing nearly a half-million documents per month in G-suite (the suite of Google cloud computing tools used by the district)
  • students are upping their use of digital resources for reading, as the district has seen circulation of audiobooks and e-books double in the past 12 months through the use of Overdrive
  • students are using quality digital resources for inquiry and research, reflected in one stunningly significant jump:  access to the World Book Online Suite has increased from 820 hits per month to 270,000 per month in the last year
  • there has been a 10-fold increase in the use of NoodleTools, an online note-taking and bibliography tool that supports students’ development of research products.

Smith called these “robust examples of the way good tools are impacting learning.”