“The Maestro”:  Meet Selina Santos, a Wilton resident who may have the most varied ‘virtual’ hat collection of anyone in town. Santos—mom to two young children with her husband, Danny—is one of the highly-spirited, energetic spin instructors at JoyRide Wilton. She’s also a television producer, as an executive producer with NBC in Stamford who has worked with Jerry Springer since back in the days when he was in Chicago. Quite an interesting combination!

Santos is a Chicago native who gets back to the Windy City frequently to cheer on her beloved Cubs. She is also a classically-trained violinist, and her musical background comes in very handy when she’s choreographing one of her “epic” spin classes, which may explain why she’s got a loyal following (some of whom are pictured around her in the middle, above). It’s been said that she leads her class like the conductor of a symphony orchestra, especially those classes she’s created to the Hamilton soundtrack.

“I feel like I don’t just teach on that bike—I ride with a community that embraces their strength and when I witness them push beyond their limits and realize their greatness, I am the one who is truly inspired,” Santos says, adding, “I love seeing riders in town strut with a little bit a swagger because they just crushed it in class. They own it, and that brings me joy!”