Wilton Public Schools are closed, thanks to the snow that’s on the way today, Tuesday, Feb. 18–more snow than we really want to have to keep dealing with. In fact, while this may not be a scientific statement, it’s likely safe to say we’re proving true the adage that February is our snowiest month. The Connecticut Post reported earlier this year that we were already well on our way to one very snowy winter.

The National Weather Service says we’re under a “winter weather advisory” as of 6 a.m. this morning through 6 p.m.. According to the NWS, we’ll posssibly be getting accumulations of as much as 3-5 inches; the snow will start early, becoming moderate to heavy during the commute. We can also expect wind gusts of up to 25 mph later today. Not messy enough for you? The snow will mix with rain before ending late Tuesday night, just in time to make the evening commute a mess.

Where does that leave us for the school calendar? According to the Wilton Public Schools’ website, there have been five snow days as of Feb. 7–today’s closing ups that to six, so now the last day of school is June 17, 2014. That won’t be official until school administrators confirm that on April 1–and who knows what else Mother Nature has in store for us before then.

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