There’s nothing like a pandemic to put things in perspective.

Wilton certainly has seen the best and worst during this experience. But in the almost 365 days that we’ve spent a few steps back from what community life used to look like, it’s been helpful to reflect on the things and people who are most important to us–and who have made things better.

Like everyone, for GOOD Morning Wilton pandemic life has had its ups and downs, but what has buoyed us tremendously has been how the heart, generosity and selflessness of Wilton became all that more clear in relief against the trials and tragedies brought by 2020. Surely we’ve seen displays of the opposite as well, but considering our mandate is to look for the GOOD, and celebrate it when we find it, that’s where we continue to focus.

Now at the start of Pandemic Year Two, there’s hope that we’re heading into the homestretch. So we thought it would be appropriate to create an award to recognize the people who help uplift and do good in the community. Inspired by the EMMYs, the TONYs and other awards, we’re introducing the GOODY Award.

Each month, we’ll award a GOODY to someone who has made a significant positive impact in Wilton. To be considered, the recipient must be a Wilton resident, business, organization, or have a very clear connection to Wilton. But GOOD Morning Wilton isn’t the only one deciding who deserves to be recognized–that’s where we need your help.

We’re inviting readers to submit nominations for who they think should be considered for a GOODY. Tell us who has made a lasting contribution to the good that’s in Wilton.

Our friend Tim LaBant at Parlor loved this idea so much, he has offered to provide each month’s GOODY awardee with $100 worth of pizza. Winners also will receive either a $100 Wilton Chamber of Commerce gift certificate or a $100 donation made in their name to a Wilton non-profit of their choice.

GOOD Morning Wilton has selected the first GOODY Award recipient, who will be announced on Thursday, Feb. 18. But we’re ready to start accepting nominees for the months ahead. We look forward to finding out about all the amazing GOOD being done by all the dedicatedly GOOD people here in Wilton.