JoyRide Cycling + Fitness Studio has teamed up online with FORTË, a fitness streaming platform that provides both live and on-demand established boutique fitness classes to subscribers. The two studios announced that, together, they will stream JoyRide’s indoor cycling classes on FORTË’s popular online platform.

Subscribers can access live and on-demand JoyRide’s premiere classes anytime, anywhere, on FORTË’s subscription-based fitness streaming platform. FORTË has developed and installed their technology in JoyRide’s studios to seamlessly broadcast their fitness classes live.

JoyRide joins other boutique fitness studios broadcast on FORTË, including Exhale and Aerospace.

“We’re thrilled about our partnership with FORTË, a company on the cutting edge of fitness technology, and to be the first boutique cycling studio to be featured on the platform,” says JoyRide co-founder Amy Hochhauser. “People from all over the world will now be able to experience our calorie-torching classes led by top instructors.”

“We are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with JoyRide, our first indoor cycling studio on the platform,” says Lauren Foundos, CEO and founder of FORTË. “This new addition to diverse library of live and on-demand fitness classes will continue to evolve the way that people engage in physical activity by making indoor cycling at home, the gym, or even a hotel room a much more engaging and interactive experience.”

JoyRide classes are geared toward all ages, genders and fitness levels–from the seasoned athlete in top shape to someone who has just started or re-entered an exercise program. There are three cameras placed strategically inside the cycling studio to capture three different angles of the instructor and riders, so the viewers can feel the energy and vibes of the class remotely.

FORTË started streaming 10 JoyRide classes per week as of June 27; classes will all be live and archived into the on-demand library for subscribers to use. Subscriptions currently cost $39 per month or $288 for the year, and can be purchased by visiting FORTE online .