Internet safety expert Scott Driscoll is a former law enforcement officer who spent most of his career working to keep youth safe, and during the latter part investigating internet crimes. Through the generosity of the Middlebrook, Cider Mill and Miller Driscoll PTAs, and with support from Wilton High School, Wilton parents are invited to attend one of two parent-only presentations with Driscoll on Wednesday, April 6. There is a morning presentation at 8:30 a.m. and an evening presentation at 7 p.m.; both take place at the Middlebrook Auditorium.

Driscoll will cover apps and programs that kids are using, cyberbullying, sexting, social networking, “digital footprints” and current online trends and potential dangers. He will also offer tips on how to use technology safely and keep families and children safe.

This topic continues to grow in importance and relevance; Wilton’s school district has not been immune to instances where children have gotten caught up in situations online that have endangered or hurt them. This issue impacts our children at younger and younger ages.

The presentations are open to all district parents and there is no charge to attend.