There’s a new addition to the Kimco River Park shopping plaza, right next to Stop & Shop, but it’s not a new store. It’s actually a parking spot right in front of one of Stop & Shop entrances that Kimco property manager Michael McAndrews has designated as a reserved parking spot for wounded combat service men and women and veterans to use. It’s part of a company-wide initiative that Kimco is rolling out on several of their properties throughout several states.

“I identified the Wilton property as an ideal one [for the parking spot]. Having at least one spot dedicated to wounded warriors was important,” McAndrews explains. “I chose that spot because it’s perfect—it makes it something that a lot of people will pass and see and say, ‘Wow, that says something about giving back to our wounded warriors.’ Dedicating a parking spot for them is the least we can do.”

The signage was put up about a month ago, and McAndrews is only talking about it now because GOOD Morning Wilton actively contacted him to find out about the parking spot after a loyal reader alerted us to the sign’s existence. McAndrews says he didn’t seek out media attention, because the action of providing the spot was more important than any publicity value. “We didn’t want to make a big splash about it. We wanted to see how it would be received and used,” he says. “I hope it’s received positively by the community. I appreciate you reaching out because I do want people to know that it’s there. Kimco is trying to give back.”