Landmark Preschool, the preschool affiliated with Ridgefield Academy, will close its Georgetown/Redding campus (20 Portland Ave.) on June 9, 2020, at the end of the 2019-2020 school year.

Landmark’s three other preschool facilities in Fairfield and Westchester counties will continue to operate. School officials have said families with students enrolled in Redding will have the option of transferring to any of the other three campuses–Westport, Ridgefield or Bedford, NY.

The decision was made based on the area’s changing demographics, with school officials seeing a slow decline in admissions over the last 10 years. In the meantime, admissions stayed steady or rose at the school’s three other campuses, where Ridgefield Academy administrators say enrollment is “robust and thriving.”

“After reviewing area demographic data and considering all options, it made sense to focus our resources on the Landmark campuses where we are seeing the most enrollment growth:  Ridgefield and Westport, CT, and Bedford, NY,” says Head of School Tom Main. “We’re pleased that the Landmark program remains strong and we look forward to working with our Redding families to make the transition as seamless as possible for them.”

Shrinking enrollment is something many schools across CT are seeing; the Wilton Public School district has projected declining enrollment as far out as 2027.

Landmark Redding families who choose to relocate to the Landmark Ridgefield campus in the fall of 2020 will enjoy a recently enhanced preschool facility, including a dedicated playground, Kitchen Lab, organic garden, gymnasium, and numerous other resources including a buddy program with older students. Students will also benefit from frequent classes with specialist teachers in the areas of art, music, PE, cooking, library, science, and world language. Landmark Preschool Ridgefield resides on the Ridgefield Academy campus, providing continuity for children attending kindergarten through grade 8.

Families may also choose to enroll at Landmark Preschool Westport, which educates children through kindergarten. The Landmark Preschool Westport campus has two dedicated playgrounds, a kitchen, STEM lab, and a full gymnasium. Private tours at both locations are now available. The Landmark Preschool Redding staff and faculty will work with Redding families on transition plans.

Families interested in more information about the Landmark Preschool program can visit the Landmark Preschool website or call David Suter, associate head of school and director of enrollment at Ridgefield Academy at 203.894.1800, ext. 112.