To the Editor:

I applaud State Senator Toni Boucher for proposing legislation advocating the teaching of the Holocaust in our schools. (Let me suggest one text:  The Lost, by Daniel Mendelsohn, an incredibly moving account of six family members among the six million who died).

At the same time, I’m disappointed that while standing against anti-semitism and racism, Boucher continues to avoid mention of the President. It is impossible to argue that Donald Trump’s divisiveness and mean-spirited communications have not added to a climate of intolerance. Yet the CT GOP has not only refused to stand against Trump, it has embraced him.

Opposing intolerance while condoning a man who embodies it daily is like starting an anti-smoking campaign while selling cigarettes on the side.

Bob Carney

8 replies on “Letter: Boucher’s Holocaust Curriculum Idea Misses Something–Stand Against Trump”

  1. The CT GOP endorses the president from their party. The CT Dems bear hugged and applauded Obama for 8 years. What part of this is surprising? You just dont like it when its not your party?

  2. In my opinion, your guy Barak Obama and his would be anointed successor, Hillary, have been the most divisive politicians in recent memory. Obama started off race baiting white Boston cops, decided America was no longer a Judeo-Christian nation, condemned those who clung to guns and the Bible. His health care policy pitted group against group and his silence subtly endorsed the BLM issue that caused many deaths and divisiveness. Then comes HRC and her condemnation of the deplorables. She, even more than Obama, was a polarizing candidate. Their involvement with politicizing the DOJ and law enforcement agencies is just coming out. People will be jailed for treason.

    And yet you condemn Trump calling him a racist for wanting to enforce laws Obama, Clinton and Bush failed to do.

    You offer a peculiar brand of tolerance if and only if we agree with your distorted view. Hilarious

  3. Good job Mr. Carney – sadly, the responses to your letter reveal just how deep-seated racism and intolerance are in our own community and why there is a need for a course such as the one proposed by Senator Boucher. However, a course can only present the facts. It will be up to the person taking the course to change what’s in their heart.

  4. Hey, LTWR….

    Please explain why you think Trump is a racist. And why are you so intolerant of citizens with a different opinion.

  5. OK, plenty of other places online for people to start ratcheting up the rhetoric and calling names. We know people on both sides think those on the “opposition” are awful and intolerant. Unless commenters can add to the conversation and further it–rather than just point fingers with accusations of intolerance, we’ll ask you to participate elsewhere.

  6. HBH. I agree. Accusations without substance are nothing more than opinions. I was hoping Mr Carney and LTWr would provide detailed examples of their opinions as I did above. Trump may not be perfect but he has endured a never ending onslaught of opinionated accusations but no proof. I think both sides should think, research, bite their tongue and write factual letters and opinion pieces. We should all encourage each other to look at and study opposing views in the search for TRUTH not opinion. Regards

  7. Of course. I think opinions of a persons character should be based upon provable fact i.e. the truth. otherwise, they are simply bearing false witness at best.

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