A very important vote is scheduled for Saturday, May 10 at the Wilton High School Clune Center from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m..  Among the important questions is Question 4 authorizing renovations and improvements to the Comstock Community Center.

The Comstock Community Center houses the Wilton Parks and Recreation offices, gym and classrooms; Wilton Social Services; Wilton Youth Services; The Food Pantry; and the Senior Center with its many programs and activities.  In addition, the building also serves as a primary emergency center for the town.

The Comstock Complex was built in 1955 with some additions in later years. The building needs new windows; updated heating and ventilation systems; an updated fire alarm system and sprinklers; and updated bathrooms with a very much needed bathroom on the lower level of the Senior Center. One unisex bathroom for two levels in the Senior Center is very difficult for everyone. Comstock needs your help!

The men and women who are now 45 to 50 years old will hopefully be the senior citizens of tomorrow. The parents of the young children who currently enjoy the many programs offered by Parks and Recreation are voters who need to consider how important Comstock is to so many members of our community, from the youngest to the oldest.

Comstock Community Center is a building that needs your support.  Please support Question 4 by voting yes on Saturday, May 10.


Anthony J. Ragusa

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  1. Anthony, for all the reasons you mention above voters should vote no to question 4. Comstock should be torn town and rebuilt to better meet the needs of all of Wilton’s citizens.

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