To the Editor:

My name is Angie and I live in California with my growing family. Over two-and-a-half years ago, we stumbled upon Wilton, CT. We found it on a map researching the best schools and safest communities to raise a family.

We took a leap of faith and flew out a couple of times to look at houses and to check out the schools. Wilton was very impressive and was exactly what we were looking for! We loved that Wilton was its own town. We felt that it would be insulated from outside politics and the schools and community would be protected.

Let me be clear–we could move ANYWHERE in the US and we CHOSE Wilton, CT SPECIFICALLY for the schools–it is quite a special place with a small town feel!

In order to leave California, we had a lot of moving parts to sort out. But finally, on Jan. 25, four minutes before we accepted an offer on our house, we saw that fateful headline regarding the potential regionalization of the Connecticut schools. Had we fully digested the gravity of the situation, we would not have sold our home here in California. We would have waited out this devastating debacle.

This news changes everything. We painstakingly spent so much time researching everything there was to know about moving from California to Connecticut. We were so excited to be buying a home in Wilton. But now, we are simply upset and uncertain as to what we should do.

Our knee jerk reaction was to look up the probate lines and then see which neighboring towns looked to be least affected. We then spent a good 48 hours looking at houses in Westport and New Canaan. We have to be out of our (now sold) home in April. I suppose we could rent, but there are several houses we were considering buying. We really just wanted to get transplanted with our family already. Now, we are thinking maybe we should reevaluate Massachusetts, I don’t know.

We do not understand why Connecticut is intentionally sabotaging their best assets–the schools. The local communities are doing a fantastic job of insuring that their educational system is top notch and promoted as such. Otherwise, Connecticut would not have been on our radar. Your schools are the cornerstone of what makes your state so great!

Please do not turn Connecticut into California. California is a hot mess! We’d be remiss if we didn’t flat out say that…:(


Angie Bertolino
Studio City, CA

One reply on “Letter from Calif: With School Consolidation Threat, We May Move to Mass. Over CT”

  1. Sadly, Connecticut is already a hot mess, and has been for quite some time. One letter is not going to change that. I find myself scratching my head at wanting to move only for schools… CT is a considerable change of life from California – it’s not like you can sunbathe in December – are the kids excited? So this letter seems kind of fishy and she is expecting US to do something about it meanwhile she’s “insulated from outside politics”…

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