To the Editor:

What a coup for Wilton and its school system. If you missed it, Newsweek’s nationwide study ranked the Top 500 High Schools in America. And our Wilton High School placed 56th in the country! Our neighbor, Weston, placed 39th⎯so good on them too. But no other high school in Connecticut placed in the top 100!

Dr. Gary Richards’ incredible legacy has successfully been handed off to Superintendent Dr. Kevin Smith, and he has run with it! We are blessed with the continued leadership of the high school’s principal, Dr. Robert O’Donnell and his high caliber team of skilled professional teachers and administrative staff. Hopefully those who complain about this nit or that nat will see the value in the totality of our fabulous school system and realize that sometimes, it does take a village (and their tax dollars) to make a difference.

Obviously to be valued this highly takes great educators who care and “bring it” to the classroom each and every day. It also takes bright and caring administrators to supervise and course correct when needed within our dynamic school system at all levels. This ranking is no less an award to our “farm teams” at Middlebrook, Cider Mill and Miller-Driscoll as well. Today’s high school students learned their exceptional skills along the way. Those earlier years prepared them for the rigors to achieve and excel at the high school level and beyond.

Additionally, we are so fortunate to have impactful professionals like Ann Paul overseeing our school system’s special educational needs. It is true there are a significant number of cases being managed and overseen by her department. And it is a large part of the school budget to be sure. We should be all the more thankful that we have gifted experts like Ann at the helm of this critical area.

Over the last year and a half there has been far too much carping on social media and elsewhere about our town. Let’s give that a break for the foreseeable future. Here is a win we can all shout about and be proud of. Our realtor community can sing Wilton’s praises to the prospective new families kicking our tires. Similarly, the Wilton Chamber of Commerce to inquiring new businesses can do the same. Wins like this will likely shore up our housing price values too. Let’s not keep it a secret! HooRah Wilton Warriors! HooRah Wilton!!

Jonathan T. Woods