To the Editor:

On Saturday, Jan. 20, women around this country, joined by many men, will once again take to the streets to promote women’s rights, and march against the divisiveness of our current presidential administration. Many of us from Wilton will be among them.

Last year local groups marched in Washington DC, New York City, Stamford and Hartford. As one of the Wilton women who attended—and was inspired by— last year’s Women’s March, I’ll be there again. I invite my Wilton friends and neighbors to join the hundreds of thousands of us who will exercise our right to peaceably assemble to stand up for gender equality, racial equality, LGBTQ equality, reproductive freedom and raise awareness of gun violence against women.

The first Women’s March set in motion the powerful movement that this year fought against harassment and bigotry, stood to protect women’s reproductive rights and inspired many women to run for office. There remains much to do. Join us.

Jackie Kremer