To the Editor:

I am writing to urge the Board of Finance and all Wiltonians to make education our top priority. Please do NOT make further cuts to the Board of Education’s budget. There is no more important work our community can do than to provide a superior education for our young people. They are the future leaders of our towns, states and our country. Young families move to Wilton for its excellent educational system. We cannot afford to let that aspect of this wonderful town be diminished.   It is extremely difficult to recoup that quality once it gets cut.

Education is not a stagnant activity. Curriculums change; teaching methods are enhanced; administrative demands increase; technology has brought a world of new and improved opportunities for education at all levels. These benefits often come with increased costs. We cannot cut costs and maintain an outstanding education for our students and provide that significant drawing power for new families to move to Wilton.

One look at our country and the prices we pay for goods and services, and we see clearly that as changes and improvements are made, we pay more. Note the prices for automobiles, clothes, food, medical services, etc. Education is the same way. I believe the majority of us would not want to go back to the education methods of ten years ago.  We want the changes and improvements we have today.

Let us be prudent with our spending, but let us make sure we maintain our schools with the top priority focus they should have. Please do not cut the Board of Education budget any further.

Thank you,

Gail Moskow