To the Editor:

I wanted to write about the proposed changes at Middlebrook School. As a Wilton resident for over 10 years, and the parent of a fifth-grader who will be heading to Middlebrook next fall, I am disappointed at the new proposal for Middlebrook which is going to shuffle the schedule, make classes longer (from 42 minutes to 88 minutes), eliminate 9-10 amazing teachers, while simultaneously continuing to invest our precious tax dollars in “coaches” who do not teach the children directly. These coaches add yet another layer of bureaucracy and a poll of the teachers indicates that they do not support the proposed changes at Middlebrook. 

Removing the teachers is wrong. These teachers are heroes; they masked up and went to school every day during the recent pandemic, they bent over backwards to help our children learn despite the physical and emotional challenges that were unprecedented, and pushed themselves to find new and creative ways to help all students learn even if it meant putting their own lives on the line! And most recently it was the teachers that had the biggest impact on the banner year that Middlebrook had last year!

I am the product of many teachers, not just my mom, stepmom and my grandparents but all the teachers along the way who educated me and helped me to reach my potential. Why are we betting on a new plan that promises a better education with fewer teachers?

If we truly want what’s best for the schools here in Wilton, we should focus on why we’ve been successful when other schools have failed and invest in the teachers who have been doing the hard work in the classrooms.

If we’re looking for savings, why not keep our Middlebrook teachers and get rid of the $1.5m in coaches?


Tammy H Ward