To the Editor:

Last week, more than 2,000 Wilton voters and eligible property owners turned out to cast their votes on our town’s budget and related ballot questions. We want to thank them for taking the time to participate in an important community event and to recognize the many people who made the 2017 Annual Town Meeting and adjourned voting so smooth-running and efficient.

We offer our sincere thanks to our deputy registrars Kim Nabulsi and Joy Ruterman and to to our tireless poll workers who worked almost until midnight on Tuesday night and all day on Saturday—Janet Anderson, Karen Birck, Alex Corra, Anna Corra, Albert DeVito, Tina Gardner, Beverlee Henion, Florence Johnson, Sibylle Kinley, Cindy Ward and Katie Wilbur.

The Wilton Public Schools’ staff, who open our polling place, manage the Clune Center, secure parking for voters, obtain equipment for the polling places, and close up, are always courteous and helpful. We also thank our town’s Information Systems staff for recording and  posting the Annual Town Meeting video online, our Town Clerk’s staff for helping voters to cast absentee ballots, Wilton’s DPW for posting voting reminder signs around town, and our dedicated crew—Albert DeVito and  Bobby Flemming—for setting up and breaking down our polling place.


Annalisa Stravato and Carole Young-Kleinfeld
Registrars of Voters