GOOD Morning Wilton was asked to publish the following letter to Republican Town Committee chair, Al Alper.

To the Chair of the Republican Town Committee:

PHEW! I’m SO relieved that your faith in me has been restored! That my value system ISN’T actually “beneath being American” as you put it. Me and the “entire opposition” which–with me not being Republican–MUST have included me, right? Me, as well as my wife… my daughter, mother, father, very close friends and some family as well as thousands of others in Wilton whom I don’t know, but chances are pretty good folks with strong vales, even though they are “the opposition”. By default, we’re not Republicans, so based on your clear generalizations, we MUST be included in your “entire opposition” reference, correct?? Do you have any clue how blatantly offensive your letter is? How broadly judgmental, negative and stereotypical your statements are? Your assumption that based on the actions of a few, an entire collection of people are assumed to be the same and be treated as such…sound familiar to you? Sure does to me. There’s a word for that type of view…and it’s exactly what is tearing this country apart. Please do not assume that by writing a letter acknowledging an apology and foregoing your promise to “press charges to the fullest extent of the law” makes you look like a “good guy”. If there is any apology necessary, it is from you, sir. An apology to the thousands of people in “the opposition” you offended as well as to the RTC for representing them in such an awful and offensive way.

Jason Witty