To The Editor:

This note is written to “young” folks in Wilton who have children enrolled or will be going to attend public schools in Wilton. We say “young’ which is relative to us, as we are 47 year Wilton residents and our children have long ago graduated and benefitted from growing up here and attending the Wilton School system.

Our purpose is to sound a call to those generations who have been notably absent lately in support of our Town’s administrative, financial and educational representatives. It is high time that we had some positive endorsements, some emotional declarations and just plain “We trust” and “We Believe” declarations.

We have 17 people who have volunteered and been elected to serve us on the Boards of Selectmen, Education and Finance plus scores of professionals in education, administration, enforcement, protection, etc.. They have studied and worked countless hours to shape and manage optimum living conditions in this Town. We owe it to them to step up, be heard and be supportive of their efforts.

Why do we sound this call? It is because those same few “Nay Sayers,” that small band of negative thinking and writing second guessers are already at work sowing the seeds of discontent, complaint and uneducated demands for budget reduction. The time is now for that here-to-fore quiet element of our community to stand up and support the team. The prophets of doom are already at work with name calling, criticisms and indictments of our selected leaders. We put those leadership people in place, they are working for us, and we owe them our publicly declared, audible and visible support.

On May 2 the predictions are for a “Donnybrook” of a budget presentation Town Meeting. We need appreciative young people to be on their feet making it clear that they support our leaders’ efforts to manage our resources. All evidence we see and hear is that this upcoming budget cycle will be extremely difficult for the Town.

Let’s not let that small negative element dominate the meeting and various communications media and disrupt the Town leaders’ efforts to optimize all aspects of community operations. Please write to your communication media, paper and electronic, attend critical budget and Town meetings and then stand up, be counted and be heard.

Gail and Ray Moskow

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