To the Editor:

The recent shootings in San Bernardino are the latest in a long, incomprehensible, string of mass shootings throughout the country. After the nation chose to ignore the lessons from Sandy Hook, we have lost thousands of Americans to gun violence. Yet we still refuse to act.

The Democratic Town Committee and members of the Wilton Democratic Party believe that daily tragedies can be minimized. We stand with the President, our Senators, the Governor and police chiefs across the nation in supporting sensible national gun control legislation that includes:

  1. Universal background checks for all gun purchasers, including those at gun shows, and closing any loopholes that allow suspected terrorists to legally purchase guns;
  2. A crackdown on firearms dealers who skirt these laws or are reckless in sales and handling of guns;
  3. A ban on assault weapons.

The overwhelming percentage of Americans—including gun owners—support reasonable control.

A major barrier to these sensible steps are groups like the National Rifle Association and the Connecticut Citizens Defense League. It is vital that these extremist groups hear from us and our elected officials. We urge State Senator Toni Boucher and State Representatives Gail Lavielle and Tom O’Dea to join Democrats and citizens of Wilton in publicly and forcefully stating their opposition to the insidious NRA obstruction of the enactment reasonable gun laws.

The time to act is long overdue. We owe it to the countless victims of gun violence throughout America and right here in Sandy Hook.

Bob Carney, member
Maryli Secrest, Chair
Wilton Town Democratic Committee

One reply on “LETTER: Wilton DTC Urges Local Legislators to Actively Support Reasonable Gun Laws”

  1. I cannot understand why we have so many guns on the street. Especially these rifles that resemble military weapons with oversized magazines, as well as pistols. . When the 2nd amendment was written weapons fired one or two shots in a minute. No one then ever thought we would have the automatic, semi automatic weapons etc. Perhaps we should follow the 2nd amendment and only allow the type of weapon it was written for!!

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