To the Editor:

On behalf of the Wilton High School Girls and Boys Tennis Teams, we would like to encourage Wilton to vote YES for the Town tennis court bond. Our courts are in disrepair, have been for a long time and are in desperate need of a long-term solution. The cracks, loose asphalt and depressions often make the courts dangerous, unsightly and unplayable even after light rain. Not only would the new solution save the Town money in the long run but it would offer the entire community a safe, beautiful and playable surface for decades to come.

The 2017 season saw the most students ever try out for our JV and Varsity tennis teams, ending with 35 members on the two girls’ teams and 30 members on the boys’ teams. We hope to build on this momentum and keep tennis robust in Wilton. Just like the Warrior pride we have for our football, lacrosse or soccer field, we ask Wilton citizens to invest in recreation facilities that our high school tennis teams and the entire Town can enjoy at home.

Diane Kuczo