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Lavielle a ‘Class Act’ Who Works for All

October 24

To the Editor:

It is my honor to once again support Gail Lavielle for state representative.  Gail has proven herself to be a true representative of the community as a whole.  She works tirelessly for the betterment of all, regardless of party affiliation.  Gail will not engage in negative campaigning, unlike her opponent, because she feels it’s far more important to discuss the issues at hand.  A candidate who focuses on the issues, not mudslinging, how refreshing! Gail Lavielle is a class act and exactly what this community needs in a state representative.  On Nov. 4 I will be happy to support Gail Lavielle for re-election.

Susan O’Connor

We Need Toni More Than Ever

October 25

To the Editor:

We write to express our full support for the re-election of State Sen. Toni Boucher. She is, without question, one of the most committed, principled, and tireless public servants we have known.

In her years representing us in the state senate and before that as state representative, Toni has always been an advocate for good. She listens to her constituents and represents their views effectively to our state legislature.

With the many challenges facing Connecticut today, we need Toni in Hartford more than ever!


Frank & Claire Dunn

Lavielle a Fierce Advocate for our Community

October 27

To the Editor:

Wilton has been well served by Rep. Gail Lavielle, and she deserves to be reelected. She has been a fierce advocate for our community with several noteworthy accomplishments. She is making a difference in trying to find relief for our schools from Hartford’s tremendous regulatory burden. Gail has been a thorn in the side of Metro-North officials, and was able to restore thru service on the early morning Danbury line train. And she was instrumental in breaking a political stalemate and securing funding for the desperately needed walkway that will link Town Center to the train station.

Sincerely yours,

Kathleen Wrampe

Vote for Boucher Brings Experienced Businesswoman

October 27

To the Editor:

I am writing today in strong [support] of Toni Boucher, our incumbent state senator serving the 26th District. She has a unique combination of experience in both the private sector and state and local government. Toni’s has vast experience in the financial industry, an MBA, series 7 investment license and is a director at a $25-billion investment firm. This experience needed to enact state budget and pension reform. Toni is the strong voice and has the experience necessary to speak out when faced with issues like Senate Bill 249, legislation that would create a state run 401K retirement fund mandated on you and me.  These decisions require careful and diligent attention from a financial professional.  Toni understands what businesses need to grow and create jobs and how to work with both sides of the political aisle in government to get results for the people she represents. Toni, a well-seasoned state senator after having served as the state rep from the 143rd Assembly District for 12 years, is a member of the Finance, Revenue & Bonding Committee, works tirelessly to resolve the state’s existing fiscal problems in a bipartisan manner. Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, your vote for Toni will bring an experienced financial businesswoman to the table for important decisions affecting us. This is exactly what Connecticut needs now. Please vote for Toni Boucher on Nov. 4.

Hope Feller

Lavielle Rises Above Partisanship

October 27

To the Editor:

I have many reasons for supporting Rep. Gail Lavielle‘s reelection, but key among them is the positive campaign she has run, and her professionalism and integrity. It’s certainly no secret that Connecticut faces a dire economic forecast, and that a fundamental change is needed in our state’s priorities. Gail has been one of the few legislators to rise above the partisanship, and work with colleagues from both parties to find sound solutions to our state’s serious problems. I appreciate her deep commitment to our community and our state. It will be my pleasure to support Gail on Nov. 4.

James McSweeney, M.D.

Get Behind Lavielle, Our Proven Advocate

October 27

To the Editor:

This is the first time I have ever written an endorsement on behalf of any candidate for office. However I am compelled to do so for Gail Lavielle.

Gail has been a champion for all of her constituents in Wilton, Norwalk & Westport. Gail listens and she acts. She works in a focused and determined way to make our lives here better. On behalf of Metro-North commuters she has helped to drive positive changes in service and attention to the needs of train riders. Gail is there to listen to help everyone. Gail is an advocate for business, fiscal responsibility, family life, seniors, young families, and the youth of Wilton, Westport and Norwalk.

Gail is a person of integrity and she is always available to meet with anyone, listen and act. She is a positive force for our community and the 143rd Assembly District. Gail works for all of us, every one of her constituents Republican, Democrat or Independent.

Let’s all join together & get behind our proven advocate, Gail Lavielle.

Phil Lauria

Rodgerson Can Be Counted On

October 27

To the Editor:

I am happy that we have Keith Rodgerson as a candidate for state representative. Keith is a dedicated, hard-working, positive thinking young man who will do a great job in the legislature. A graduate of Harvard with a strong personal and professional interest in economic development, he can be counted on to take steps to lead our State forward.

Keith will also be responsive to his constituents’ needs, concerns, suggestions and ideas.

For future prosperity, more jobs, and a better Connecticut, vote for Keith on Nov. 4.

Charlie Lewis

Selectman Clark Supports ‘Outstanding’ Lavielle

October 28

To the Editor:

In 29 years of public service I have known most dedicated Wilton volunteers. Gail Lavielle is outstanding.

Outstanding because:  (1) Gail diligently studies the town and people so she knows our concerns. She has visited more homes, attended more events, been visible and approachable, and stayed current as we change; (2) She knows town finances having served on the BOF; and (3) She has kept citizens informed and been effective. The state money for the pedestrian bridge to the train resulted from Gail being in the right room at the right time in Hartford.

Gail has earned another term. Re-elect her.

Hal Clark

Lavielle Accomplished Much for Wilton Schools

October 28

To the Editor:

Gail Lavielle has accomplished many things in Hartford, but chief among them is her work to address the red tape that affects local school districts’ ability to deliver education. For example, one of the biggest challenges the Wilton schools face is the growing number of “one size  fits all,” unfunded state mandates. Gail helped enact a “Mandate Relief Task Force,” which will make a difference. And on another issue, Gail has been very helpful with the Miller-Driscoll renovation project, and will be instrumental in securing all necessary state permits, and of course, reimbursements. I will be pleased to give Gail my support on Nov. 4.

Bruce Likly

Invest in CT, Support Sharlach’s Ideas

October 30

To the Editor:

Now is the time to INVEST in Connecticut, not cut taxes. Republican candidates are sticking with their dogmatic approach to every problem:  cut taxes and benefits. The poster child for this strategy is Kansas, which now faces $billions in revenue shortfall and a downgraded credit rating.

The right time to cut taxes–and there is a right time–is when there is ample revenue and the state is prospering. Remember, the bills still need to get paid.

All parties agree that Connecticut desperately needs major infrastructure repair and upgrades. Spending the money for infrastructure is all win:  it creates jobs and promotes economic development now and for the future. Even The Economist, not known for its left wing socialist views, strongly advocates infrastructure investment to promote growth. (Leader, Oct. 25-31).

Phil Sharlach, running for State Senate, is the only candidate who has put forth a concrete solution to fund infrastructure work without raising taxes. Sharlach proposed the creation of the New York Connecticut Transportation Authority, a public-private entity, which would have the ability to tap into global capital markets. Phil’s proposal has caught the attention of Democrats and Republicans alike. I urge you to take a close look at Phil’s ideas.

Now is the time for some NEW ideas, not political dogma, whether from Republicans or Democrats. Imagine a future with fast, efficient commuter and freight rail, fewer trucks and traffic on I-95 and I-84, bridges that are safe, and businesses eager to come to Connecticut.

Jason Cutler