Words are our business. Writing them, publishing them, issuing them… we do a lot of ‘talking’ and putting out words for a living.

Now, we’re making a commitment to holding back on some of those words, and promising something else instead:  we’re listening.

Granted, we have to listen and observe to report the news. But now, listening is more important than ever.

Two weeks ago, Wilton joined the chorus of voices rising in unison to say that the treatment of Black people in this country has fallen far too short of what is right and what is fair. As part of that acknowledgment, we’re learning that much of what we as a nation and as human beings need to do is learn where we have made personal and collective failures so we can begin the difficult steps of making amends, of learning to be better, and of letting the voices of others who have been marginalized instead be heard as loudly and clearly as ours have been–and really listening.

Part of that self-reflection involves seeing our own limitations. GOOD Morning Wilton has always welcomed a range of opinions and community voices; now we need to learn to actively seek out those diverse opinions and voices rather than wait for them to come to us.

In the coming year, we plan to put together a diversity advisory council. Our hope is that these advisors will help us take steps to make sure we’re accurately reflecting the entire community in what we cover and the way we cover it. We will also actively seek out diverse writers to contribute to that coverage to make sure we amplify a wider variety of voices and experiences.

GOOD Morning Wilton has had a mission from day one:  to engage Wilton residents in the issues and to help members of the community get to know one another better. As part of that mission, we hope to provide a platform for community dialogue and learning through events and forums focused on issues of diversity and racial justice in Wilton.

At our core, GMW is about promoting the GOOD in Wilton. But to do that doesn’t mean that we can ignore what is not good. We stand against racism–we always have and we always will, and we will remain committed to making Wilton a place that rejects all forms of intolerance.

But saying those words isn’t enough, so now on the eve of our seventh anniversary, we add to our mission a pledge to actively uphold those values of inclusion and openness by not only getting the community more engaged and learning more about one another, but also helping the community be better.

That starts with fewer words from us, inviting new voices to join the conversation, and more listening–really listening and learning. We hope you’ll join us.

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