Cannon Grange representatives announced that a planned visit with CT Gov. Dannel Malloy, originally scheduled for tonight at 7 p.m., is being cancelled.

“Our lecturer and program director received word… that Gov. Malloy will be canceling his visit to the Grange due to weather.”

Malloy’s staff contacted the Grange only yesterday, citing the weather as a reason for the cancelation.

According to the National Weather Service, this part of Fairfield County will see snow possibly starting Friday evening into early Saturday morning, with more likely snowfall to occur on Saturday. As of Thursday, the forecast is predicting 3-5 inches of accumulation.

The scheduled program with the Apple Blossom School is still set to occur, and will begin at 7 p.m..

All are welcome. Doors will be open prior to 7 p.m.. Light refreshments (cheese, veggies, and brownies) will be served.

3 replies on “Malloy Cancels Tonight’s Planned Wilton Visit”

  1. Was the cancellation reason really a storm that MAY develop 36 hours after this appearance was supposed to take place? Doesn’t this group, and anyone who planned to come see him, deserved a little more of an explanation than “weather”? Also, is the conveniently scheduled Rep. Jim Himes appearance at Trackside still on schedule as planned now that a photo op with the governor is no longer an option?

  2. On the one hand, perhaps he’s going to be overseeing the state’s readiness, given the varying forecasts and accumulation predictions. On the other, that’s something that’s likely something delegated to others. He’d probably be criticized if he didn’t cancel and the state got slammed: “‘Galavanting’ all over CT to schmooze instead of preparing for the monster storm!” Either way, we wanted to make sure anyone preparing to see the Gov in Wilton knew in advance….

    As for Jim Himes, I think the scheduling across town was less ‘convenient’ than it was ‘competing’ for the same audience. There was NO photo op that we in the press were told about and I don’t think it’s something Himes would do at the moment, given Malloy’s low popularity. I’ve tweeted a question to Himes about whether he’s still on for tonight, and haven’t heard. But he also hasn’t tweeted anything about NOT coming so I’ll bet he’s still on his way. He’s doing a series of town halls this week, so my bet is he won’t cancel.

    1. Thanks for the additional info, Heather. While the public often looks for the opportunity to criticize politicians, I seriously doubt anyone this weekend will be saying “I wonder what the Governor was doing last Thursday night?”. I also wonder if he would have been so quick to cancel if the event was a $300/plate fundraising dinner (unlikely). Re: Jim Himes, it looks like his event is still on as planned this evening.

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