Seasons are important on a farm, as they mark different kinds of activities and occasions that take place throughout the year. With the most recent change in seasons came a change of a different sort at Ambler Farm, as the Wilton non-profit welcomed Tim Burt as its new executive director.

Burt most recently worked for Lyman Orchards handling marketing and public relations and overseeing the Orchards’ retail store. He’s excited to bring his experience to Wilton and work with the Friends of Ambler Farm, the board that oversees the organization, as well as Farmer Jonathan Kirschner, program director Kevin Meehan, and assistant program director Jen Grass.

In the month since he joined the Ambler Farm team, Burt has quickly acclimated and soaked up the purpose and ethos of the popular Wilton feature.

“We’ll continue some of the traditions that Ambler Farm has been doing–the Greens Sale, the Transplant Sale, which is going on now; the camper-ships and the apprenticeship programs, those are really important to the fabric of who we are and really help fulfill the mission for the farm,” Burt says, adding, “That’s really where we have to stay focused is make sure that we’re living up to the mission, living up to the values of the community, and making sure the programs we bring in really help fulfill that on a consistent basis.”

Watch our video to get more of an introduction to Tim Burt, the newest face around Ambler Farm, and be sure to say hello when visiting.