A few months back, GOOD Morning Wilton introduced a new business feature, showcasing the people behind the local businesses. Let them know you’ve read about them on GMW!

Today we’re spotlighting Alexa Kouvaris, who started a jewelry design business called Stranded by Lex almost one year ago. She’s a senior at Northeastern University in Boston, and at such a young age it’s already clear that Alexa is ambitious and going places.

Business Name:  Stranded By Lex

How long have you had your business?   

I started the business last August.

How did you get into this field?  

I began working at the small accessories boutique in town, Witchy Poo Accessories, during my sophomore year of high school and from there I became eager to learn more about the industry. In addition, I had the opportunity to intern for Harper’s Bazaar and local Worth New York stylist Stacy Holmen. From my experiences at the boutique, Worth New York and Bazaar I not only learned that the fashion industry was perfect for me, but also that accessories are the favorite part of my wardrobe. My newfound love for accessorizing led me to create and design my own jewelry business called Stranded By Lex.

What do you love most about your job?

I had always struggled to find ways to utilize my artistic and creative abilities before I began Stranded By Lex. I love that through this business I am able to channel my creativity through fashion, which is my biggest passion.

What sets your business apart from any other?  

Although my jewelry is handmade, it is still very affordable, which is hard to come by with handcrafted products. Another thing that sets me apart from other jewelry brands is that I design pieces to match specific events or memories, resulting in versatile and unique pieces. For example I have created pieces specifically for holidays such as the Fourth of July, beach days, sporting events, or sorority functions.

What would people be surprised to learn about you and your business?  

What many people don’t know about Stranded is that I started it independently. I continue to run the business on my own while juggling my social, academic, and professional life. Although this can be difficult to manage, I enjoy the challenge and excitement of finding a balance between all these things.

What was the most memorable work experience you’ve had?

One of my biggest goals I set when I started this business was creating a website, so it was a huge accomplishment when I was able to successfully launch that. I also donated necklaces to a philanthropy event at Boston University called PIKE’s Fireman’s challenge. The event raised money for the Boston Burn Foundation, which is a charity that provides support to burn victims. Boston is my home away from home and I love that I was able to give back to this community through my business.

Any funny anecdotes/recollections/stories from your work?

I wore one of my necklaces to the first night of sorority recruitment and got a compliment from one of the sorority sisters, which then lead me to tell her all about Stranded. It was so funny how easy it was to talk about that rather than making awkward small talk all night. I never thought owning a business would make the sorority recruitment process a whole lot easier, but stranded was the perfect go-to conversation starter and impressed all the sisters in different chapters from that night on.

What do you love about doing business?

Building networks through my clients which is really cool through word of mouth. By creating this business I have built a variety of networks through my clients. It’s amazing how this company began via word of mouth and from there I have been able to make connections with so many different people.

What do you hope to teach or give your customers?

What I love about fashion is that it is a form of self-expression. Accessorizing is a perfect way to reflect your personality through your wardrobe, and I hope my pieces can do that for my customers.


How can people contact you?

I can be contacted via my Stranded by Lex Facebook page, Instagram account and through the Stranded by Lex website.

Anything else upcoming to promote?

I’m starting to design necklaces that match with college and high school sports teams colors, which will be available early fall. Stranded stacks are coming soon as well, which are my new fun beachy bracelet line.

What Wilton business do you like and would recommend to GMW readers?

My favorite business in town is JoyRide Wilton. The way the employees personally [interact] with their clients is amazing. This taught me a lot about how to run my business by showing me how important that personal connection between customers and the company is.

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