Middlebrook School’s Recycling Club has organized a textile recycling bin, and is accepting a variety of items. Located in the Middlebrook parking lot, the bin is an effort to continue the mission of the club and to reduce what goes into landfills.

Items for recycling can be donated in any condition as long as it is clean and dry. Even ripped textiles or clothing is accepted. The items that can be recycled range from shoes to clothing, accessories and linens. Also to note, stuffed animals are accepted as well. All items must be bagged when placed in the bin.

According to the club, 95-percent of all textiles can be recycled or reused. Clothing in wearable condition and linens in good condition will be donated to organizations that can pass items to individuals in need; 45-percent of the textiles collected are reused in this fashion. The rest is repurposed and shredded for other uses.

The items accepted for recycling are listed in the photo below:

middlebrook recyling bin list
middlebrook recycling bin