To the Editor:

Every Tuesday night, when not in a Hartford session I have been attending the Ridgefield Citizen Police Academy. It is coincidental that National Police Week (May 15-21) is being celebrated at the same time as our citizen academy graduation ceremony. For the last eight weeks local residents have spent three hours weekly being taken through the steps that police academy recruits must complete to become a police officer in Connecticut. It has been a terrific experience and a great way to gain knowledge and respect for what law enforcement does every day for us.

SafeWise security professionals analyzed FBI crime statistics from all 50 states to find which communities are the most secure and released a report on the 2016’s “100 Safest Cities in America.” Ridgefield was placed number 6 and Wilton number 13. The Police Department’s “Citizen Police Academy” was cited by the authors of the report as an important contributor to their rankings.

One participant of a Connecticut Police Academy speaks for all of us who have participated in this program. “I am forever grateful to the men and women who are the Keepers of the Peace for their daily service, dedication, and brave sacrifice. Anyone who attends a CPA and does a ‘ride-along’ with a lone officer realizes the daily danger these men and women face. They and their family members know that in order to keep the peace some men and women in society must accept increasing disrespect and the risk of serious injury, including paying the ultimate sacrifice. Since May 15 begins National Police Week, my hope is that good people in every community in Connecticut and throughout America will take the time to thank and honor these men and women and their families who keep are dedicated to preserving the peace in an increasingly dangerous world!”

Amen to that! Cops are Tops with Me!

Toni Boucher