Newcomers Club Tees Up at Rolling Hills for Mens’ Event

I guess you could say that I have two hobbies–reading and socializing. To me, a perfect day would involve curling up with a good (preferably great) book and then meeting up with friends for a fun night out. On the other hand, while my husband isn’t opposed to opening the latest John Grisham or trying out a new restaurant, his true passion is golf. So when it came time to plan a Wilton Newcomers Club activity for the men out there (including mine), my first inclination was to send them out in packs of four, trying to hit a tiny ball into a small hole further than their eyes could see… preferably on the same course that was selected to host the 2014 Connecticut Open Championship, Wilton’s very own Rolling Hills Country Club.

And guess what–they said yes! I’m thrilled to announce that on Sunday, Oct. 5, starting at 1 p.m. for lunch, Rolling Hills is graciously rolling out the red carpet for the Wilton Newcomers Club annual Men’s Outing. At our first planning meeting Amy Cooper, WNC’s secretary, and I met with Rolling Hills’ general manager Scott Semple, house manager Steve Revelant and head golf pro Ray Ford. We hoped they would be receptive to hosting the outing, but were overwhelmed with their generosity.

“Nine holes or 18?” we asked.

“Why not both?” they answered.

“Lunch or just cocktails and hors d’oeuvres?” we asked.

“Why not both?” they answered.

“Any chance non-golfers could be included?” we asked.

“Sure… and how about we throw in a tennis clinic too?” they answered.

After a while, Amy and I just sat silently and let them toss out ideas, each one better than the next.

“How about we offer a clinic for the 9-holers also? And access to the driving range. And we can offer professional assistance on the course to elevate their level of play. Should we do goodie bags or prizes? Why not both?”

Our meeting went on for almost an hour and when it was finally over Amy and I walked outside and had to stop ourselves from squealing like tweens at a Ariana Grande concert. Had Rolling Hills just offered to host a WNC event that would normally cost hundreds of dollars per person… and do it for free??? Umm… YES! (Ok, insert squeal here.)

And just last night Rolling Hills offered another incredible addition to our Men’s Outing:  From 4-8 p.m., ladies are now invited to drop off children (ages four and up, must be potty-trained) in their Kids Club for supervised play and dinner so that we can meet up with our spouses on the veranda, looking out over the eighteenth green, and join in the post-play festivities!

So men (and now ladies too!), mark your calendars:  Sunday afternoon, Oct. 5. Register online on the WNC website as soon as possible because spots are filling up fast. Sign up for a tennis match and clinic, nine holes of golf plus a clinic, or 18 holes of golf. Everyone will enjoy lunch prior to playing and then celebrate a fantastic day with their wives and new buddies. And… you’re welcome!!

This is an installment from contributing writer Tara Thompson, president of the Wilton Newcomers Club, providing news and information about WNC events and activities, as well as a look at life in Wilton life from the point of view of a newcomer.