Credit: GOOD Morning Wilton

Our friends at have coverage of what’s happening in Hartford as the legislative session moves full steam ahead. Below are links to their updates on two key issues, tolls and vaccines.

Tolls on Hold

Yesterday brought news of Gov. Ned Lamont “giv[ing] up hope that the Democrat-controlled General Assembly has the guts to vote on a truck-only tolling plan,” writes CT News Junkie. You can read their story, here, and also check out their coverage of the governor’s press gaggle discussing where things stand, below:

Vaccines on the Hot Seat

Click above to vote on 2020 HB 5044: AN ACT CONCERNING IMMUNIZATIONS

CT News Junkie also reports that hundreds of opponents of school vaccination requirements showed up to testify at the Legislative Office Building on Wednesday in a hearing that stretched past midnight. A Yale epidemiologist also said 40% of Connecticut’s towns are susceptible to a measles outbreak. You can read more about the hearing, here… and register your support or opposition on 2020-HB 5044: An Act Concerning Immunizations, as part of CT News Junkie’s opinion polls on current proposals in front of state legislators.