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The Norwalk River Valley Trail organizing committee reports continued progress on the construction of the new half-mile section of the trail’s east side “Wilton Loop” (Sharp Hill Rd. to near Twin Oak Ln.). According to a post on the NRVT Facebook page, the section should be ready for public use by Labor Day.

A press release sent out by the committee says that trail builder Timber & Stone LLC has made progress since a groundbreaking event and work day on Saturday, June 27. Trail excavation of about 3,000 ft. has been completed, and the trail’s base layer has been laid. This takes the trail to a point that will be the south end of a future boardwalk in the area of Twin Oak Ln.

In addition, builders have continued doing hand-edging work (pulling roots, smoothing, etc.), and special features have been added to the trail, most(notably a bump-out containing a rock “bench.”

Starting this past Monday, July 27, Timber & Stone began laying and rolling the final surface of the trail, placing coping stones to define turns, and adding other final details.

The overall target (which depends on continuing favorable weather) remains completing the new sections by the end of August. On the west side of the Loop, construction of trail along the south side of Horseshoe Pond awaits a wetlands permit.

According to committee member Rob McWilliams, the new trail has been made possible by generous donations from the community. The NRVT plans next to extend the east-side loop as far as Skunk Ln. Organizers say that if an additional $250,000 can be raised, that goal is attainable by early 2016.

Anyone interested in contributing to the NRVT can send their tax-deductible contributions to “The Friends of the NRVT,” P.O. Box 174, Georgetown, CT 06829, or made via the Donate button on the NRVT website.

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