The Norwalk River Valley Trail’s (NRVT) trail builder, Timber & Stone, has completed the boardwalk crossing sensitive wetlands near Skunk Ln.. With completion of this section, the Wilton Loop now runs 2.4 miles from the trail head at Rt. 7 and Wolfpit Rd. north to the boardwalk near Skunk Ln..

“It’s great that the boardwalk and additional trail on the Wilton Loop are completed as spring approaches and more people will be out using the Trail,” says Pat Sesto, president of the Friends of the NRVT.

To build the next section of trail, the NRVT will head southbound from the Wilton Loop trail head at Wolfpit Rd., eventually connecting Wilton and Norwalk. This section is dubbed “WilWalk.” The NRVT has a May 1 deadline to raise $132,000 to trigger a State Recreational Trail Grant that will fund construction of the first part of the WilWalk section. Every dollar donated will trigger four dollars in State grant money, a 4-to-1 match.

“We’ve raised $100,000 to date towards the $132,000 goal. We’re confident that we’ll get to the goal by May 1 with the continued generosity of Wilton families, corporations and the Town of Wilton,” says Charlie Taney, NRVT’s executive director.

To donate online visit the NRVT website.