Looks like we’re in for some more of the white stuff on Monday, Feb. 8, just in time for the morning commute to work, school and wherever else we want to be but it’s likely we’ll have trouble getting there. So say the weather people from local meteorologists on up to the National Weather Service, which issued a Winter Weather Advisory for Monday starting at 3 a.m..

Right now, as of Sunday afternoon, Feb. 7, the prediction for accumulation on Monday morning is 3″-6″. Perhaps this guy will be happy, but who knows if anyone else will be.

Dineen snowman
photo: Dineen Family

Some local forecasters are saying the snow we’re going to get will be very heavy, thanks to a phenomenon called a “Norlun Trough.” Basically what that means is that there is a storm south of us in the Carolinas and another storm approaching from Canada to the north. But boil it down and it just means there’s likely snow a-coming!

As of 4:30 p.m. Sunday, first selectman Lynne Vanderslice says she hasn’t received any notification from the Regional Emergency Management Coordinator, which typically alerts town officials ahead of incoming weather systems that will mean snowfall, but that she’ll alert GMW if needed. Wilton Schools superintendent Dr. Kevin Smith said he’s got his eye on the situation and will continue to assess as we get closer.

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