GOOD Morning Wilton has been a little focused on town budget news, so we’re catching up on real estate sales for the prior month. Land transfer reports will return to weekly frequency beginning next Monday.

Week of April 5-11

  • Lucas and Daniele Rameaka sold 105 Scarlet Oak Dr. to Thomas and Jennifer Leigh Doerner for $820,000.
  • John and Marlene Byington sold 25 Ridge Ln. to Robert and Donna Cahill for $555,000.
  • Randolph Byers Jr. Trust sold Lot 5 Branch Brook Rd. to Jon and Patricia Moynihan for $247,500 (photo unavailable).
  • Gerard and Laura Frugone sold 25 Cardinal Ln. to Jacob and Margaret Johnson for $540,000.
  • Alfred and Jean Haynes sold 12 Tall Trees Ln. to Nilson DeOliveria and Patricia Sosa-Macado for $490,000.
  • Ashlar Historic Restoration LLC sold 3 Roxbury Ln. to Brian and Kara Jacobi for $630,000.
  • Rosemary Earle Middeleer Estate sold 103 Catalpa to Brian Radle and Ali Radle for $555,000.
  • John and AnnaMarie Kealy sold 57 Old Farm Rd. to Rion and Shirley Latimore for $975,000.

Week of April 12-18

  • John Engelskirger sold 129 Valeview Rd. to CIT Bank NA for $630,000.
  • Diane Fagan Trust sold 190 Cannon Rd. to Samuel and Christopher Lavin, et al for $60,000.
  • Dian Fagan Trust sold 190 Cannon Rd. to Samuel Lavin for $310,000.
  • Edward and April Netzhammer sold 65 Hurlbutt St. to James and Becky O’Halloran for $1,112,500.
  • Sadiq and Helen Toama sold 107 Pipers Hill Rd. to Michael Miller and Grace Bandow for $899,000.
  • Harlan and Phyllis Murray sold 1 Crowne Pond Ln. to Deepak and Charoo Khanijau for $635,000.
  • Antionette Zezima Estate sold 41 Forest Ln. to Joseph Farenga for $550,000.

Week of April 19-25

  • Moose Holding LLC sold 213 Danbury Rd. to Wilton Partners LLC for $1,800,000.
  • Erich and Devon Rayment sold 66 Borglum Rd. to Alan and Elizabeth Pickel for $1,262,500.
  • Gail Nielsen sold 69 Range Rd. to Kevin and Megan Kane for $550,000.

Week of April 26-May 2

  • Justin Ramsteck sold 166 Millstone Rd. to Brian Kannry and Daniell Denega for $1,158,000.
  • Doria Ferrante sold 74 Old Driftway to Devon Rayment for $700,000.
  • Julia Walker sold 280 Cheesespring Rd. to Alexander and Lisa Weintraub for $850,000.
  • Raymond and Kristen Ferranti sold 118 Scarlet Oak Ln. to David and Meghan Newton for $830,000.
  • John Chappetta sold 94 Wilton Crest to Thomas DiGuglielmo for $190,000.

Week of May 3-9

  • Mark and Stephanie Reardon sold 26 Tamarack Pl. to Adrienne and Christopher Vigilante for $690,000.
  • Amy Curley sold 63 Saddle Ridge Rd. to Robert and Kathrine Bradt for $876,000.
  • Kathleen Gioffre sold 18 Pine Ridge Rd. to Carla Lewis and Angela Bertolino for $1,025,000.
  • Theodore and Judy Robinson sold 8 West Meadow Rd. for $2,450,000.