Outdoor Sports Center has introduced a new technology to custom-fit bikes to riders, and they’re seeing an increase in interest as the weather begins to turn warmer and more spring-like..

According to the bike experts at Outdoor Sports, the GURU Fit System has revolutionized the process of finding the perfect bike, and in turn, it has revolutionized the way riders can improve their cycling experience.

The system has two main components:  the computer system and the GURU bicycle itself. The computer uses a database of over 10,000 bikes and a 3D scan camera that can read a cyclist’s exact measurements. While sitting and pedaling on the GURU bike, the technician can make adjustments in real time to compare the feel of different settings.

For seasoned cyclist, the GURU Fit System can help fine-tune the exact fit of a bike, which can increase speed and performance and make a world of difference in the comfort of the ride. For riders in the market for a new bike, the GURU makes the process much easier by letting them get the feel of a particular bike when sized to their exact measurements.

“Its advanced technology is incredibly efficient and accurate and helps to put riders on the appropriate bike, assuring less injury, less fatigue, and more riding potential. The Guru provides a world-class level of service to the riding enthusiast, helping them take cycling to the next level,” explains Outdoor Sports Center’s Grace Lloyd.

OSC offers two types of GURU sessions:  a sizing and a fitting:

A sizing is for anyone who wants to test a variety of bikes or make fine-tuned adjustments to their current bike. During a sizing session, the 3D scan technology will determine the rider’s size, and the bike will adjust accordingly. This helps technicians discover a rider’s preferences and how he wants a bike to fit.

Fitting sessions are a more in-depth process in which the technician zeros in on every part of a rider’s bike to correct alignment issues for her body, speed, and performance. The technician will monitor specific things like pedaling to ensure the most efficiency from each adjustment.

For more information visit the Outdoor Sports Center website and GURU system blog webpage. Outdoor Sports Center is located at 80 Danbury Rd. in Wilton.