There’s a new storefront that’s been filled on River Rd. in Wilton Center, but it’s not something Wilton has ever seen before. There, on the corner of River Rd. and the entrance leading to Starbuck’s and the Wilton Bow Tie movie theater, in the windowed location where Athlete’s Foot and Blue Tulip used to be, is now a TNT Fireworks store.

While the store is a temporary pop-up scheduled to open today, Friday, June 24 , and sell fireworks through July 6, it actually may not be able to open as scheduled. That’s because the store has not yet obtained the proper temporary permit permission and sign-off from the building department and fire marshal (as of press time).

Mark Lawrence, Wilton’s assistant building official, confirmed that the business operator had passed the initial step, getting approval from Wilton’s zoning enforcement officer Timothy Bunting. However, there were still some requirements that hadn’t been fulfilled as of 4 p.m. Thursday afternoon.

Issuing a temporary permit was contingent on the business operator submitting additional information to both the building department as well as fire marshal Rocco Grosso. The building department was waiting on more detailed drawings of how the fireworks would be displayed as well as how they would be stored, so that officials could determine if the plans met state building codes for fireworks sales. The proprietor had been told to come back and submit that information but hadn’t yet done so when GOOD Morning Wilton spoke with Lawrence Thursday at 4 p.m..

One hour earlier, however, there were people in the store setting up displays with several kinds of fireworks on tables and counters, clearly visible and stacked one on top of another. One employee said the stock had just arrived “yesterday,” meaning Wednesday. Among the types of fireworks were sparklers and fountain items with names like, “Molten Pot,” “Crazy Colors,” “Pyro Combustion,” “Light the Night,” and “Sonic Boom.”

When Lawrence was asked whether it was a problem that the employees were setting up items before the store had officially received its temporary permits and approval from the town agencies, he said it was and that he would visit the store early Friday morning.

Signs on the door indicate the store will be open every day 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and that the minimum age to purchase fireworks is 16 years.

TNT Fireworks’ website states that it is “the largest distributor of 1.4G Class C Common Fireworks in the U.S..” Their products are also sold in CVS and Stop and Shop, but those two chain locations only sell limited types and numbers. The pop-up store will have much more variety and quantity.