Good Luck to Wilton’s high school seniors, the Class of 2014! Excited to know the theme of your PGP? Solving the mystery begins with a scavenger hunt down memory lane.  Here’s your first set of clues (pictured above) to help you find out all you need to know about this year’s Post Graduation Party theme. Pictured are four locations that you have enjoyed during your time in Wilton. Figure out where each of these four spots are and head to each one to find a clue (posted in a window or inside) that you will use to decode the theme. Have fun trying to figure out what excitement lies ahead!

Remember to take group and individual “selfies” as you reach your destinations and tweet it @WiltonPGP14 and post it on the Facebook page. The best selfies may win prizes too!!!!
You will gather four clues this week, three clues next week and three more clues the week after that!  Some spots even have prizes! GOOD Morning Wilton is one of the places Wilton’s seniors will be able to learn clues in the weeks leading up to PGP, scheduled for June 21.