Bill Madaras of Kick for Nick Foundation, Inc. is shown here with a box of
soccer balls holding the 57,000th ball, which like the 56,999 before it was sent by the KFN Foundation to children in one of 49 countries around the world. According to members of Wilton’s American Legion Post 86, this box was sent to Somalia where the balls will be distributed by American troops working together with local relief organizations.

Kick For Nick supports U.S. troop and volunteer efforts in fostering peace and stability across the globe by delivering to underprivileged children the joy of play through the gift of a soccer ball donated in honor of PFC Nicholas A Madaras, a Wilton resident who was killed by an IED while serving in Iraq on Sept. 3, 2006. Nick had been an avid soccer player, coach, and referee during his youth. At home on leave in the summer of 2006 he mentioned to his family how talented the children in Iraq were at soccer, using anything they could find as a ball (which was for the most part old tin cans), and asked them to send him a few balls so he could distribute them to the children in Baqubah. He was killed before he could do so, so his family and other supporters fulfill his wish through Kick For Nick.

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  1. This is wonderful and touching. I see that huge bin of balls every day at the Knights of Columbus front lawn, year after year. Heartbreaking to lose Nick but a wonderful legacy and support for his family and friends. God bless.

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