Every bit helps, and in just a few hours, these 7th grade girls did their part, manning a bake sale in front of Village Market on Thursday afternoon, Aug. 31, to raise $824 to support Hurricane Harvey aid. All the money they raised will be donated to the Americares.org Harvey Relief Fund.

They were part of an effort organized by friends of Melissa Jones, a former Wilton resident who now lives in Katy, TX. Jones reached out to her Wilton friends Anne Cronin, Donna Savage and Kim Savvaides, who pulled together these eager young girls to run the bake sale.

What’s more, Jones and her husband, Doug, pledged to match whatever they raised (up to $500). So in all, $1,324 will be donated to Americares.org, the Stamford, CT-based organization that (according to the Americares’ website), will provide $200 in aid for every $10 donated, to support emergency medicine and supplies “Right now, Americares is in Texas, distributing water, aid and mobilizing medical outreach with our local partners.”