Happy 100th birthday to our National Parks!

To celebrate the National Parks’ Centennial, G&B Community Cultural Center (the former Gilbert & Bennett school) is exhibiting a beautifully artistic collection of photographs by Xiomáro documenting the interiors of the major historic buildings at Weir Farm National Park. The collection, “Weir Was Here – Secret Rooms, Doors and Windows,” is on display June 1-June 30.

A selection of the photographic collection was first exhibited at Weir Farm in January, 2013. These 17″ x 25″ photographs are larger than any previously exhibited and will be presented unframed. As photographer Xiomáro elaborates, “Viewers can now see the photographs as I see them at my studio – without any of the barriers introduced by framing. The glass, its inherently green tinge, its reflective glare and the matting are layers that separate one from the surface finish of the print and interfere with its original colors and tones. I want the viewers’ experience of the photographs to be as intimate as the subject matter of the images.”

A portion of sales from these prints will benefit the G&B Cultural Center Scholarship fund.

G&B Community Cultural Center is located at 49 New St..