In the last several years, political lawn signs posted during the lead-up to an election have seemed to bring about drama–each side reports their signs have gone missing, supporters plant them on town-owned property, and more. But now someone has caught on camera what he says are two people going to extraordinary lengths to tear down and steal a very visible political sign.

Sign hung on New Canaan Rd. that was stolen in the early morning hours of Oct. 23. It was hung 14 feet above the ground. (photo Jerry Sprole)

It’s actually the second version of a “Republicans for Biden” banner that Wilton resident Jerry Sprole installed near his New Canaan Rd. home. The first one also disappeared earlier in October.

First sign hung on New Canaan Rd. that was stolen in early October. It was hung 8 feet above the ground. (photo Jerry Sprole)

In the pre-dawn hours last Friday morning (Oct. 23), Sprole captured night vision photos with a trail camera of two men he calls “the vandals that stole my banner.” The images were taken on the day the sign disappeared.

“These guys are mature adults, not kids. There is a police report, but without a picture of their license plate, police don’t have a way to identify them. They probably also stole the first banner that was taken on Oct. 10. Because I installed the second banner up 14 feet, they came prepared with a pole saw; so they probably don’t live far away,” he told GOOD Morning Wilton.

Sprole says the camera was pointed toward the area below the sign. The photos it captured show two men, standing and walking on the ground below where Sprole hung his banner. Images show the men shining a light and looking upwards. In another image, one man is carrying what appears to be a pole saw. In yet a different shot, the same man seems to be holding a tool that appears to be some type of shears (circled in red on the original photo supplied to GMW). The images show him stepping over the guardrail onto Sprole’s property.

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In addition to sending the pictures to GMW, Sprole provided them to the Wilton Police in the report he filed. Wilton Police have confirmed they are investigating the theft but could not offer comment on an open investigation.

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