This week, the Wilton Police Department began a “distracted driving” initiative that will last two weeks, ending July 19. During the two week period, Wilton police officers will be on the lookout specifically for distracted driving infractions and will enforce violations.

According to information provided by the department, officers will be assigned to specifically address distracted driving violations as well as be looking for violations during routine patrol assignments. The violations include talking on a cell phone without using a hands free device, texting while driving and any other distractions that affect a driver’s ability to operate a vehicle safely.

“The Wilton Police Department remains attentive to issues that endanger public/community safety one of which being distracted driving. It is our hope to educate the public, be visible as a reminder/deterrent to the public and to assist those traversing our roadways to do so safely,” wrote Capt. John Lynch in an email.

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  1. Notice that it is primarily the Moms of Wilton who seem to be the dangerous hackers and texters on the roads. Lose the shades and stay on the right side of the yellow line, Girls.

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