Last night’s Board of Selectmen meeting had important info on the current property assessment revaluations.

Revaluation Appeal Clock Ticking  

There is one final week to schedule an informal hearing on property assessment revaluations.

Property owners with concerns or questions regarding the new valuation is encouraged to attend an informal hearing with Vision Appraisal. A hearing can provide the best opportunity for property owners to have any issues reviewed and addressed prior to the grand list being signed.

Check out our full explanation of the assessment appeal process, and what it means, here…

Hearings will be held at the Comstock Community Center (180 School Rd.), by appointment only. The deadline to schedule an informal hearing online has passed, but interested residents can still call this week to make an appointment. Call Vision Government Solutions toll free at 888.844.4300, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday-Friday excluding public holidays. Please do not call the Assessor’s Office to schedule appointments.

The Grand List is not yet complete, according to the selectmen, but is required to be filed by the end of February. First selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice noted that as of now, the figure for residential property is down, but commercial property is up–however it’s not up enough to cover the drop in residential property value.

Anticipating Spike in Assessment Appeals After Revaluation, Officials Need More Volunteers for Board of Appeal

Town officials are anticipating a larger than normal number of assessment appeals due to the revaluation. The Board of Assessment Appeal, which has three members, is expected to hear and decide all appeals in the month of April.

As such, the Board of Selectmen is seeking to appoint alternates to the Board of Assessment Appeal. Candidates would ideally be available for hearings throughout April. A training session will be held in late March. Appeal hearings are scheduled at a time that is both agreeable to the individual filing the appeal and members of the Board. Not every member need attend every hearing.

Candidates with a financial background are preferred. Candidates likely to have a high number of conflicts of interest will be at a disadvantage.

Interested candidates who are affiliated with either the Democratic or Republican parties should contact their respective town committee. Interested candidates who are not affiliated or are affiliated with another party may either petition directly to the Board of Selectmen for consideration or contact either town committee. Application materials are available on the Town’s webpage. Petitioning candidates should email completed applications to the first selectwoman’s office.