At tonight’s regularly scheduled meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission, the board will be hearing from the developer of the property at 183 Ridgefield Rd.. There will also be a public hearing opened on the matter, during which members of the public are welcome to speak.

The property has been scheduled as a discussion item on the commission’s meeting agenda at two previous meetings (Dec. 14 and Jan. 11), and each time at the request of the applicant, the application was continued to the next meeting. While the public was still given the opportunity to speak at each of the two previous meetings, no member of the public did so.

The land at 183 Ridgefield Rd. has attracted a great deal of attention since it was purchased by James Feiber, a developer who has submitted an application to subdivide the 13.5-acre lot into four properties. A group of citizens has circulated a petition calling for the developer to refrain from demolishing the main house on the property, and on Oct. 7 the Historic District and Historic Properties Commission imposed a 90-day demolition delay; that delay has since expired.

The Planning & Zoning Commission meets tonight, Monday, Jan. 25, at 7:15 p.m. in the Meeting Room A in the Annex Building at Town Hall.