Rain Hampers Wilton’s Road Paving Program

Road paving efforts on River Rd. on Thursday, Oct. 15.

Every year the Town of Wilton paves up to 15 miles of town roads, but keeping up with the schedule this year has proven to be difficult, thanks to Mother Nature. In fact, midway through the summer paving season, the town is significantly behind schedule–not because of town or equipment problems, but because wet weather through the spring and summer months have hampered road repaving efforts.

“The unusually high amount of rain last fall and this spring, has caused us to fall behind on our paving schedule and we are still finishing up the 15 miles assigned for fiscal year 2019, which ended in last month,” says First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice.

That means the town hasn’t been able to begin work on any of the roads targeted for paving in FY2020. And given that the condition of town roads is the number one thing Vanderslice hears about from residents, it’s something everyone at Town Hall wants to keep on top of.

Vanderslice says the town is taking an unusual step to try and catch up. In typical years, town employees in the Department of Public Works perform the prep work–replacing old catch basins and drains–before the outside paving contractor completes the actual paving. Now they’re trying something new.

“In order to perform the paving work as quickly as possible and get back on schedule, we have hired the paving company to augment the road prep work performed by employees. This is not something that has ever been done in Wilton, but we think it is the right thing for now and likely going forward,” Vanderslice notes.

Rain has also increased the amount of work needed to be done on catch basins, again as resident complaints about those road features have increased as well. All of these weather-related problems have just continued to make keeping up extremely challenging.

Town officials regularly update the list roads and the status of paving on the town website. As of Aug. 9, here’s the current status:

“The following roads are part of the 2019 paving program. Roads need to be prepped and catch basins repaired prior to milling and paving. Roads with status of ‘In Progress’ means they are in process of being prepped, milled or paved. Road surfaces may have raised structures during prep work. Please contact Department of Public Works at 203.563.0152 for further information.”

Roads In Progress

Bittersweet Trail
Broad Axe Lane
Butternut Place
Chessor Lane
Grey Rocks Road
Ground Pine Road
Heather Lane 2 (N)
Hickory Hill Road
Holly Place
Kent Hills Lane
Mcfadden Drive
Mollbrook Drive
Spruce Meadow Ct
Tanner’s Drive
Teapot Hill Road
Tito Lane
Turtle Back Road
Thistle Lane
Wildwood Drive
Winton Terrace

Roads to be Scheduled

Bayberry Lane
Belden Hill Lane
Deepwood Road
Duck Pond Place
Edgewater Drive
Erdman Lane
Erdman Lane Ext
Freshwater Lane
Gaylord Drive (S)
Graenest Ridge Road
Greenbriar Lane
Hearthstone Lane
Hidden Lake Ridge
Highview Drive
Oak Ledge Lane
Old Nursery
Roxbury Lane
Valeview Road
Windy Ridge Place
Woodchuck Lane

Completed Roads

Arrowhead Road
Azelea Lane
Berch Court
Boas Lane
Bob White
Boulder Brook Road
Bristol Place
Charter Oak Drive
Church Street
Coachman’s Lane
Dirksen Drive
Dorado Court
Downe Lane
Dudley Road
Edith Lane
Gaylord Drive 2 (N)
Grumman Hill Road (W)
Hillbrook Road
Hulda Hill Road
Indian Rock Place
Ivy Lane
Keeler’s Ridge Road
Kingdom Ridge Road
Laurel Lane
Mountain Road (S)
Newsome Lane
North Main Street
Nutmeg Lane
Partrick Lane
Pin Oak Lane
Range Road
Rossimur Court
Ryders Lane
Shagbark Place
Slawson Court
Topfield Road
Vista Road
Whipple Road