The Wilton Education Foundation, with the generous support of Village Market, hosted its 20th Annual Community Read Aloud Day on Tuesday, March 29 at Miller-Driscoll School. Volunteer readers from Wilton’s business community, town government, volunteer organizations and the community at large came to the school to help enhance the educational experience of Wilton’s youngest students and reinforce the importance of reading to children.

Over the past 20 years, Read Aloud Day has grown in popularity with the children, teachers, as well as with the volunteer readers. The school’s media specialists chose three age-appropriate books (one for each grade level) for each volunteer to read to one class. Afterward, the kids had so much fun discussing the book, asking questions of their reader and learning more about his or her role in the Wilton community.

The students also got a chance to see how those members of the Wilton community feel about the importance of education, learning and educators. One of the readers, Wilton Fire Chief Ron Kanterman, was overheard telling the students he read to that, “We keep this town safe so the real heroes can do their job. These teachers are the real heroes.”

With the generosity and support of Village Market, each volunteer was able to donate the book to the classroom.

The event was co-chaired by Miller-Driscoll parents Jennifer Carvajal and Maggie Bittner.