On Friday, April 17, in a court hearing, 18-year-old John “Tully” Knight admitted that his actions on the day of June 13, 2008 were responsible for the death of Nicholas Parisot, with the simple statement, “Yes, my conduct was responsible for the death of Nick Parisot.”

On that June day in 2008, 13-year-old Nick, was riding his motor bike on the trails he knew well between Hillbrook Rd. and Hickory Hill Rd. when he struck a rope that had been tied across the path. The medical examiner determined that Nick died as a result of the injuries and neck trauma he sustained. He was just two weeks shy of turning 14.

In the years immediately following Nick’s death, Police had identified one or more individuals as potential suspects but were hampered from making any arrests without eyewitness accounts. They made several public appeals for anyone with information in the case to come forward.

In June 2009, the Parisot family filed a civil lawsuit against another Wilton family, Glenn and Barbara Knight. The Parisots alleged that the Knights’ son was responsible for Nick’s death. In 2010, the Knights moved from Wilton to California.

In August of 2012, Wilton’s Detective Christopher Isidro flew to California and arrested Tully Knight in connection with Nick’s death. He was charged with second degree manslaughter and extradited to Connecticut. At the time police and media continued to withhold Knight’s name because he was still a juvenile. Only 11-years-old when Nick was killed, Knight is now 18.

Records Unsealed

Tully Knight’s admission marked the end of a seven year quest Nick’s parents, Kate Throckmorton and Rick Parisot, had to find out the truth of what happened to their son in the woods behind their home. It also ended the wrongful death lawsuit the family had filed against Tully and his parents, Glenn and Barbara Knight, as the admission was the final condition sought by the Parisots to withdraw the civil case.

Following the conclusion of the hearing, by order of the presiding judge, dozens of records from the case were unsealed and released, including photos of the crime scene, and affidavits detailing evidence that had been collected through police investigation and interviews. Not only were interviews that police conducted with Tully and his parents recounted in the reports, but the reports also describe interviews that detectives conducted with individuals in California who reveal what Tully confided to them about the events that caused Nick Parisot’s death.

Below is a copy of the California Search Warrant and Affidavit’s ‘Statement of Probable Cause.’ It provides startling details of the investigation, including what Tully, Glenn and Barbara Knight told police in the days following Nick’s death, as well as evidence police gathered to build their case and eventually arrest Tully.

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