An entrepreneur with a successful Wilton business track record and a former Wilton hair color expert have joined forces to cater to Wilton clients–at a salon in Ridgefield.

Amy Pal brought the JoyRide concept to Wilton two summers ago before selling it back to the spin studio’s founders; Suzanne Baumann spent several years as the hair color guru to Wilton clients at Steven Mancini and Salon Lea Lauren. The two have now linked up at Pal’s newly opened Whip Blow Dry Bar + Salon in Ridgefield. Even though they’re over the Wilton-Ridgefield border, Pal and Baumann hope to increase their presence with their Wilton customer base, going so far as to even join the Wilton Chamber of Commerce.

“Wilton is an important market for us. I think Wiltonians use Ridgefield naturally. What’s so great about Whip Salon, is that it’s right on the border, so it’s not something that you have to go through town to get to. I just see it as something that would be a natural fit for the Wilton market and we just want to make sure that we are in front of them,” says Pal.

After opening Whip last October, she started growing the salon in measured steps. As an entrepreneur, Pal is skilled at creating a finding a need in the community, filling that niche and creating a great brand, but she knows enough to leave the expertise to the experts, and Pal sees Baumann as a secret weapon of sorts.

“Getting Suzanne on board has really put us on the map. She is such a guru, we are psyched to have her,” Pal says. “The challenge is getting under the hood of the industry and an emerging trend, and then finding creative ways to bring it to market and connecting with the audience that is going to benefit from it. Having Suzanne on board now is incredible. We are planning on making some positive changes to the salon, because of the influx of customers she brings. I am definitely listening to her, as someone who has been in the industry for many years and making changes as I see fit, with her direction. She’s invaluable, honestly.”

In her lilting British accent, Baumann describes her own approach to what she does.

“I’ve been in the business for about 28 years, and I’m a color specialist because I truly believe that what you should be is one thing. That’s my everything. Because I just do one thing, I really feel that I can do that one thing the best.”

To those who know her, she’s pretty humble and down to earth, and doesn’t brag when asked for words that describe herself and her approach:  “Honest, consistent, and I enjoy it. I enjoy what I do. Postive. I’m not egotistical. In my business, there are lots of egos, it’s a dog-eat-dog business. And everyone thinks they’re better than everyone else. But I’m not like that.”

Which is why, Baumann believes, she has such a large Wilton following.

“I relate to them, personally. I think people from Wilton are very real and down to Earth. I think they’re really honest, loyal clients, and they respect me for where I’ve been and what I do. Word of mouth is so important in this business. I have to get it out that I’m doing good work, and keep it constant, never faltering. I just did a new client from Wilton, and my name was given to her by a lot of different women, because of my work, and my work ethic. I’m always at work and always on time, and I’m always doing a good job.”

Both Baumann and Pal are eager to keep the relationship with Wilton close and solid. Does that mean that Pal, with a history of expanding her business model–she had opened JoyRide in Ridgefield before opening a second JoyRide studio in Wilton–would consider doing the same with Whip, and finding the right place to open a Whip Wilton?

“I’m evaluating it right now. I am planning on opening up another whip by the end of 2017 it’s just a matter of where. It will be in Fairfield County, likely. Whether or not in Wilton, I don’t know. Wilton is relevant–that’s why I joined the Wilton Chamber of Commerce. I’m very interested in getting closer ties to the community, and I have some experience with it,” Pal says.

But for now, Pal is focused on growing the first, flagship Whip Salon, opening a medi-spa space that she’s dubbed “Whip Underground.” True to her proven formula, she’s sought out established professionals to hire in the area of lash extensions, cosmetic injections and microblading to offer clients those services now as well, starting June 9. Her expert in lash extensions is Cathy Bull, who previously worked at Wilton’s Salon Lea Lauren as well.

Another feature that Pal has introduced is a dedicated phone app for clients to book appointments, and there’s also a range of memberships that clients can purchase, that entitle users to monthly services. Clients can also book appointments online through the Whip website, including appointments with Baumann, who will be in the salon every Wednesday through Saturday, with the option to book other days and times directly with her as needed, because she has that flexibility living not far away in Newtown.

“I’ll up my hours as it gets busier. Since I live so close, we can always talk about coming in another time,” she says.

Whip Salon is located at 23 Governor St. in Ridgefield. For more information call 203.442.6444 or visit the Whip Salon website.