Both of Wilton’s political town committees met Tuesday evening, March 14, for their first meetings of the new term (2018-20). Both the Republican Town Committee (RTC) and the Democratic Town Committee (DTC) elected new officers.

At its meeting, the DTC seated its new members who had been endorsed at the party caucus in January and then approved adding four new people, bringing its membership up to 34, the maximum number of members it can seat. The 34 new members then discussed and unanimously approved the new DTC officers and chairs:

Tom Dubin, Chair
Victoria Rossi, Vice Chair, Chair Fundraising, Co-Chair Campaign
Peter Squitieri, Treasurer
Jackie Kremer, Co-Secretary
Diane Martucci, Co-secretary
Ross Tartell, Nominating Committee Chair
Bob Carney, Communications Committee Chair
Ernest G. Ricco, Platform Committee Chair
Charles B. Lewis, Bylaws Chair
Leslie Holmes, Website Committee Chair

The RTC also held its first meeting of the new term, and seated 40 new members who had been chosen when the RTC voted in January to nominate its new membership, narrowing down from 43 people who had put their names on the ballot to the maximum number of 40 members. After formally being seated, the RTC then selected its new officers:

Bill Lalor, Chair
Josh Cole, Vice Chair
Carol Lenihan, Treasurer
Lianne Acosta-Rua, Secretary